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Japan and Denmark and the Island Samso is moving !

Japan has even established an Energy Academy! The collaboration has been established in agreement with Samsø Energy Academy and Søren Hermansen represents Samsø Energy Academy in the Japanese steering committee! Recently, more people have joined the network. PAL Systems is a Japanese co-operative wholesale society promoting organic articles. PAL is venturing into selling green energy! PAL will help local communities organize their purchases in a manner similar to the Danish co-operative organization – the Japanese call it Community Power.

Community power!!! The new collaborative project connecting local communities worldwide. On the picture you see representatives from small Japanese municipalities, island residents from the American east coast, universities and institutions. We are all meeting at the State of Green in Copenhagen – Denmark’s green show window!

Samsø Energy Academy DK, the Island Institute US and ISEP Japan are the three organizations working for the spread of sustainability in a decentral-local future.

Notice the three strong women.

Danish minister for the environment Kirsten Brosbøl is sitting right in the middle! She is a new minister and is keen to talk about local development. She will be working on the mobilisation of many projects which together will realise goals for a more sustainable nature. On her left is Malene Lunden from Samsø Energy Academy. Malene is working to strengthen sustainable education and on mobilising creative and strong citizens in the construction of a resilient society. To the right you see another strong woman. Eri Otsu from Aso in the southern part of Japan. Eri is an organic farmer with a husband and three children. Eri is the leader of Community Power groups on Kyshu and together with a network of country women front runner for the Community Power movement in Japan.

Japan Skærmbillede 2014-12-14 kl. 21.51.09 kopi

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