The cracks that make way for the light

Status 3%

Duration: August 1, 2018–August 1, 2019




The title of this project is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s lyrics about the problems of the world that weren’t solved by the fall of the Berlin Wall. He captures our belief that the cracks in life make way for light to break through the darkness, turning Leonard Cohen’s prophetic words into poetry of hope.

GOAL:To provide new lamps for Samsø Energy Academy’s two longhouses.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate and convey to the public the latest solutions within LED light technology, as well as the interaction between artificial and natural light. The demonstration of artificial light will take place by modifying sources of light, intensity, the composition of colors, and adjustments in relation to the functions and geometry of the rooms. The attributes of artificial light and the connection to Samsø Energy Academy’s palette of activities provides a good basis for conveying how light can create optimal conditions year round for the Energy Academy’s users and visitors.

The project is a joint effort between Samsø Energy Academy and architects from Arkitema, who designed the Energy Academy and are familiar with its inflow of light as well as its nooks and crannies.

Significant aspects of the Energy Academy project:

Replacing first generation LED light tubes, 35 lamps in all. All used lamps will be sold at auction in order that they be recycled.

The first phase is to replace 19 lamps in the office area, meeting room, canteen and the adjoining meeting room.

More information will follow about the design and presentation of the art & daylight project “LIGHT IS COMING” in January 2019, including an ad in Samsø Posten.

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