Partners: "Smart Grid Plus"

MATCH – analysis of smart grid solutions

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Status 92%

Duration: Februar 2016 – august 2018
Funding: EU
Partners: SBI AAU, INSERO, Project Zero, NCE, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Austrian Academy of Science.
Project Manager: Michael Kristensen

Purpose and description:

The overall purpose of MATCH is to expand our knowledge of how to design and implement comprehensive smart grid solutions aimed at small consumer groups. These should also take into account the complex factors in the impact, efficiency and success of smart grid initiatives.

The study is interdisciplinary and based on detailed studies of current intelligent grid demonstrations in Norway, Austria and Denmark. Through comparative analysis across cases and countries, the study will identify the most important factors in technology, market and stakeholder involvement in the development of integrated solutions in practice.

In addition, the project will use energy system analyzes and scenarios to discuss the further consequences of the upscaling of the investigated solutions.

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