Night light

Night Light

Purpose and description:

Purpose and description: In the Night Light project, regional authorities from the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia and Italy join forces to improve their regional policies for the prevention of light pollution, preservation of the night sky and sustainable use of dark places in the sky. The project will introduce packages of regional policy measures for each of the partner regions that will result in a lasting reduction of light pollution, the designation of natural areas where the night sky is protected, and the introduction of new services and facilities that attract ecotourism to these dark skies. In Denmark, there is no policy in the field of light pollution, and the Night Light project therefore aims to contribute to solving this problem through attention, concrete measures and policy making. The Night Light project’s local stakeholder group and Samsø Energy Academy are therefore working actively to show how energy efficiency, tourism and cultural development can go up in a higher unit when it comes to combating light pollution in Denmark’s central region.
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Project leaders:

Januar 2017 – december 2021

Regionale myndigheder fra udvalgte europæiske lande

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