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Heat always rises

the ‘beach meadow’ outside Ballen lies the Energy Academy like a modern golden age painting in muted tones. The longhouses symbolise the many actions taken, which in 20 years have created Samsø’s success as Denmark’s ‘Renewable Energy Island’



Energiakademiets helt egen kaospilot (i ordets forstand) Malene Annikki Lunden er på listen over bidragsydere i 2016 afhandlingen ‘TOPIA‘ – IMPOSSIBLE – I’M POSSIBLE (Kaospilot team 20 final projects) med artiklen ‘Whistleblower‘


Generation “No Title”

“We sensed that things would now be brought to an entirely different bureaucratic level. Totally different mechanisms would come into play that would be beyond our sphere of influence. However,


Art in the Public Sphere on Samsø

A sculpture is erected on Samsø creating its own open center. Behind it a residential development, Ballen borgerforening to its right and the Energy Academy in front of it. All this greets you as you step by step follow the artist Jens Settergrens own path.

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