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News from the Energy Academy’s office in Aarhus

By Project Managers Trine B. Stoltenborg and Peter Christensen
Category: partnerships

A branch of Samsø Energy Academy recently moved into the Film City on the Southern Harbour in Aarhus.
From here we will work to spread and develop partnerships in the region as well as in the world.

The Energy Academy among other things collaborates with Aarhus European Cultural Capital 2017 on the sustainability dimensions of the project and is at work spreading the Energy Safari concept which was originally developed on Samsø.


In the spring part of Samsoe Energy Academy moved into new settings in the Film City on the Southern Harbour in Aarhus. On top of the major film studios in a shared office space, the Academy seeks to spread and develop partnerships around the region and abroad.

One of the tasks undertaken in Aarhus is the cooperation with the Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 within the field of sustainability.

In collaboration with the company World Perfect the Samsø Energy Academy has just celebrated a sustainability session targeted at projects that are part of the Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 project.

The aim is to strengthen the sustainability profile of the 2017 project. The next step is to develop a charter that sets out a framework on how sustainability can be addressed in connection with cultural events. Concurrently, the charter will be launched for businesses in the region with a view to link them to concrete Aarhus 2017 projects.

In September the 2017 Sustainability Charter will be presented at the international Show Off cultural festival to be held at the Coal Bridge in Aarhus – followed by the Re-Do Conference in October at the Moesgaard museum organized in collaboration with the University of Aarhus.

During the Re-Do Conference the Energy Academy will organize a Sustainability Safari showing concrete examples of sustainability projects within the Aarhus area.

The Safari concept which was originally developed on Samsø has since grown to reach the regional level. Along with the Energy City of Skive and the municipality of Ringkoebing Skjern a green regional visiting platform is being developed at the moment. Furthermore, Aarhus 2017 is interested in developing 2017 Safaris around the region for the many visitors.


Development of partnerships

In addition to the implementation of concrete projects, the Aarhus office is involved in the development of many new projects and partnerships.

A list of new projects that hopefully will see the light of day in the coming years:

  • Production of bio plastics for cultural events in the ‘Biocas 100%’ project – in collaboration with the Dutch Cultural Capital and Aarhus 2017, among others
  • The protection of the European night sky in the NightLight project – in collaboration with both the Dutch and the Italian Cultural Capital cities, among others
  • Development of a Circular Samsø Economy along with the Central Region Denmark, the municipality of Aarhus and the organisation Sustainable Energy
  • Strengthening organic farming together with the farm Ydun’s Garden on Samsø

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