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New job on an island?


Samsø Energy Academy is starting a generational change! We have existed as a project for 21 years and as an academy in 11. There is a need for us to prepare for the next 10-20 years and thus look inside to trim the crew and the Energy Academy’s purpose and capacity.

We are looking for new colleagues. Initially, a business manager who together with the present can carry on what we can today and who is ready to contribute to the Academy’s future new roles in our work for the consequences of climate change. 

The job is versatile and demanding but also developing and important. We are looking for someone who has management experience. Not necessarily within energy or sustainability but in general.

We are outgoing and must be open to contacts and new networks. It is therefore also important to be open and have the courage to meet the world. We must be able to manage and use IT, preferably on a certain level so little geek you have to be. 

Finance and administration is a core value as we both operate in EU contracts and as a consultant. We need to be able to manage funds and projects on a plan that can withstand auditors, but nothing new comes from managing alone. Developing new systems and ways to manage is necessary in order for us to maintain and develop our good name and purpose.

We believe that the future brings new models for economics and the way we think about economics. past, call, skype or write us a letter, and vivil share everything we can to help for a good experience.

Contact: Søren Hermansen - 21644391
8305 Samsø

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