"Ogata" - export & knowhow

Project Start: 2023
Project End: 2026

Keywords: Green transition, Implementation in practice, Action, Local air conditioning systems, Community, Citizen involvement, Regional development, Climate accounting

Project manager: Søren Hermansen

About the project:

On 4 July, Japanese and Danish partners start a new collaboration. The meeting takes place in Ogata village and is hosted by Mayor Takahashi. The new partnership will work on new forms of energy technology for Japanese communities and support national and local efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Co-creation of solutions to climate challenges

The Energy Academy and Samsø are recognized as UN climate leaders. This honor was given for the successful transformation from an average Danish municipality to a 100% sustainable energy society. The Danish experience with local co-creation of renewable energy solutions such as wind power and district heating forms the basis for the partnership.

The goal is to create a regional roadmap for CO2 reduction and to use local and regional resources for energy production and to create a domino effect that spreads from region to region and supports Ogata’s role as a nationally leading area for CO2 reduction.

Changes require patience

The switch to renewable energy sources on Samsø took around 10 years. It was quick, given the circumstances, and it only succeeded because of local commitment and community effort. On Samsø, local natural resources (wind, sun, biomass) are the key to producing sustainable energy. Wind turbines and solar panels produce electricity, and biomass is used for district heating. Many citizens have invested in energy solutions and the municipality supports and works with CO2 reduction.

The partners aim to bring the experience from Denmark to the energy transition of Ogata and other communities, partly by sharing knowledge and partly by training the local workforce. This applies both ways, so we will also receive delegations from Japan here in Denmark.

Facts about the partnership

The partnership is supported by the Danish Energy Agency’s Fund for Energy Export. Partners are Ogata Village, Ogata Renewable Energy Service (ORES), Energy Academy and the Royal Danish Embassy in Japan.

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