Ole Fogh Kirkeby

As Professor of Leadership Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School, Ole is one of the Denmark’s great academics, who in his amazing way approaches theory with the sensitivity of an artist.

In his philosophical work, he is especially concerned with event as a concept, of body and mind, and not least the value and meaning of words.

With inspiration from protreptics, a special dialogue developed by Aristotle that aims at good conversation based on values instead of intentions, Ole has developed a special way of coaching where a leader’s human virtues come into play.

For Ole, words have the freedom to both expand and contract under a loupe until they let their true dimensions be dissected. Ole cultivated the art when he for example wrote the dramatic discussion paper Cantabile 2 in 2010; performed as an actor in 2007 when he developed an experimental theater together with Bent Noergaard in conjunction with the play The Creative Human Being; or when he in 2004 wrote the Danish novel Philosophical Stories, published by Lindhardt and Ringhof.

Ole Fogh Kirkeby (born 1947)

It was precisely the beauty of Ole’s double-edged approach to his own philosophical work that led the Energy Academy to select him as the Positive Change’s first guest blogger. For many years, Ole has been part of the Energy Academy’s creative community, and by virtue to his love of words, he was invited to examine the term “resilience.”

What is fragility?

It’s an interesting word to look at, because we often speak using completely different hard-sounding words when it comes to climate change and the environment.

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