Our house is a gathering place for global and local development regarding energy savings and
conversion to renewable energy among other things.

Samso Energy Academy is located north of Ballen Harbor on Samso.


The Energy Academy has 8 employees who live on Samso all year long. The 8 employees have
professional skills in community development and sustainable solutions. All this is based on
Samso’s status as Fossil Free Island of 2030.


Energy Academy

You’ll find Samsø Energy Academy on the island of Samsø, in the heart of Denmark. The Energy Academy is located in the town of Ballen on the east side of the island.

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From management and coordination to employees and consultants, our staff has a strong connection to Samsø. Take a look at who we are and what we do.

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The buildings

Our buildings are constructed out of sustainable principles and has a healthy inside environment with natural ventilation, rain water in the toilets, etc.

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Sustainable Development Leadership Course

Ever since 1997, when the Island of Samsø won the Danish government’s competition to become Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island, its inhabitants took ownership of their situation and focused on working towards an outcome that for many was vague and unsubstantiated.

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Book a visit​

Every year we receive visits from many groups and delegations from both Denmark and the rest of the world. You can book your visti here.

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Samsø Energy Academy has launched a series of courses based on the many inquiries we receive from our partners, stakeholders and customers.

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Energy Tours

On an energy visit around the island of Samsø you might meet one of our many committed locals such as Brian Kjær who has created his own career based on Samsø’s sustainable ambitions.

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Prototype Samsø Foundation

Prototype Samsø Foundation’s programs build on the success of community driven energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in Scandinavia – particularly on Samsø, one of the world’s leading models for this transition.

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Fieldlab Samsø and Ålborg University

With 20 years of development and Samsø as a “field lab,” we’ve gathered experience within energy planning and optimization based on the Danish transition of phasing out fossil fuels, leading to far more sustainable development in Denmark.

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The cracks that make way for light

The goal of the project is to demonstrate and convey to the public the latest solutions within LED light technology, as well as the interaction between artificial and natural light. The demonstration of artificial light will take place by modifying sources of light, intensity, the composition of colors, and adjustments in relation to the functions and geometry of the rooms.

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Samsoe Version 2.0

I forbindelse med Folketingets energiaftale i 2018 blev Energiakademiet betænkt med midler til grundfinansiering af det daglige arbejde. Aftalen gælder frem til 2024 og akademiet er dermed sikret den arbejdsro og stabilitet, som er nødvendig for at nå de mål vi sammen med Samsø kommune har sat for Samsø som fossilfri ø i 2030.

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