Vi arbejder med konsekvenserne af klimaforandring

Vi arbejder med konsekvenserne af klimaforandring

Anne Boisen Albertsen

+ 45 25 33 22 75

"Not two days are similar to the Energy Academy. Actually, I moved to Samsø in 2007 from Humlebæk to be able to go home and help my husband with his company, but when you were missing an accountant at the academy, I jumped to it. regretted, because otherwise I had not met so many people, both from the local area, Samsø, Denmark and the whole world. "

I really like that both the near and the far meet here at Strandengen.  I have gained a large network and have become much faster integrated here on the island than if I had just stayed home. And then I love helping my colleagues and all the guests who come by. Because we are such a small organization, we have to cover a lot of different tasks in everyday life, and that is challenging in the good way.

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