The buildings

Samsø Energy Academy’s buildings are constructed using sustainable principles such as:
  • NATURE: Minimal encroachment on the salt meadow’s plants and animals where the buildings are situated.
  • INDOOR ENVIRONMENT: A healthy indoor environment, with natural ventilation in the office and lecture hall.
  • WATER: Minimal use of drinking water via the use of water-saving faucets. Rain water from the roof is used to flush the toilets. Excess water from the roof is channeled to a watering hole and seeps into the ground.
  • HEAT: Limited use of external heat via effective insulation and use of solar heating. Rooms are heated via the Ballen district heating plant, which is fired by straw. District heating pipes are composed of highly insulated twin pipes, with the lowest known loss of heat in Denmark.
  • ELECTRICITY: Low use of electricity through the use of low-energy A-classified equipment, and low energy lamps along with optimal use of daylight. Electricity is supplied by 200 square meters of solar panels integrated into the roof, as well as from the island’s wind turbines.