The Energy Academy Association

Associations in Denmark are required to have a board. The board chooses a chair. Samsø Energy Academy abides by these democratic rules and its Board hires the day-to-day leader of the Association’s main asset, the Energy Academy.

The Board writes the Association’s bylaws. The bylaws are approved at the Association’s annual general meeting, and provide the foundation for the Associations guidelines and rules.

The bylaws also state the purpose of the Association, providing the overall direction for the work of the staff and the Board. 

The statement of purpose also mentions that the Association is a legal entity registered by the Danish Business Authority. The Board is to a large degree made up of Energy Academy partners, including private individuals and representatives of various organizations, institutions, and companies.

The Board

Anne Højer Simonsen, Chair
Deputy Director, DI

Marcel Meijer
Mayor of Samsø Municipality

Ole Svenningsen
Head of Stakeholder Secretariat, NRGi

Karl Sperling
Associate Professor, Department of Planning, Aalborg University

Karen Blinchoe
Chair of Chora Connections

Inge-Dorthe E. Larsen
Rp. Samsø Energy and Environment Office

Anne Højer Simonsen, Chair
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