The Energy Academy is among many things also a project organization.

This means that we apply for different programs in the EU system and in correspondingly framed programs. The projects must be relevant to the Academy’s overall work for a sustainable future and in relation to climate change. But also inrelation to the resulting effects, such as decentralized solutions for energy supply, job creation and innovation in the local community.

In other words, the projects contribute to strengthening the Academy’s position as an active partner that can deliver progress and development in society and, in that context, get funded the daily tasks. We provide advice and help with energy calculations and meeting set ups, we write reports and send applicat ions. It costs time and money. The projects help to justify and pay the staff and the operations needed to have a dynamic Energy Academy.

Ongoing projects


“Ogata” – export & knowhow Projekt Start:  2023 Projekt Slut:    2026 Nøgleord: Grøn omstilling, Implementering i praksis, Handling, Lokale klimaanlæg, Fællesskab, Borgerinddragelse,

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TSI – Moving On

TSI – Moving on Project Start: 1/12-2021Project End: 1/2 2024 Keywords: Green transition, implementation in practice, action, local climate plans,

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Night light

In the Night Light project, regional authorities from across Europe go together to improve their regional policies for the prevention of light pollution.

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SMILE (smart grid)

The collaboration takes place in a consortium consisting of 19 partners from Italy, Scotland, Portugal, Denmark, The Netherlands and Greece.

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Finished projects


The proposal called for the make-up of the steering committee to be diverse. The process and preparation of a strong, factual proposal explaining the challenges the Nordic countries faced in terms of educating the population about sustainable transition and development was what made the difference.

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The Tentou Partnership seeks to inspire communities across the globe that share the same principles to make a difference and formulate a new narrative for a much-needed global paradigm shift.

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Climate Calculation

The purpose is to contribute to the conversion of our energy system to renewable energy towards 2050 (2030 on Samsø) by building knowledge, developing common strategies and coordinating energy planning across municipalities and energy players in central Jutland.

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Scrap your oil furnace – Nationwide campaign

The scheme was set up to help make Denmark become more environmentally friendly and climate-friendly, to ensure security of supply and less dependence on fossil fuels, and at the same time boost the economy and give citizens a little more money in the pockets by reducing the heating bills.

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