Scrap your oil furnace – Nationwide campaign

Scrap your oil furnace - Nationwide campaign


Purpose and description:

In the 2010 Budget, 400 million were allocated to a subsidy scheme for the scrapping of old private oil furnaces in favor of newer and more energy-efficient heating systems. The scheme is now no longer active and was completed in June 2011.

The scheme was set up  to help make Denmark become more environmentally friendly and climate-friendly,  to ensure security of supply and less dependence on fossil fuels, and at the same time boost the economy and give citizens a little more money in the pockets  by reducing the heating bills.

Global goals:

January 2010 – June 2011

Course and conclusion:
For those living in an area with district heating, only subsidies were granted for the establishment of district heating. Otherwise, there was the possibility of subsidies for air-water heat pumps, ground heating systems or solar heating systems, possibly. In combination with a new oil, gas or wood pellet furnace. Up to 25% of the cost of the new heat supply was covered by the scheme. About 20,000 people took advantage of the scheme during the period.

Local actors:
Samsø Energy Academy, Local Craftsmen, Local Banks


Residents of Samsø

The Danish state

Success Criteria:

For Samsø as a community
The success on Samsø was primarily due to a “hand-held” targeted effort, where assistance was given to the individual household’s application to the pool, following a dialogue with the homeowner. It was made easy to contact the craftsmen and the bank to get on with the decision. All this happened on the basis that free energy checks were offered to homeowners on Samsø

For Denmark and the world
Nationally, a report from the Danish Energy Agency was subsequently published, in which the evaluation stated that the grant was crucial for the choice of district heating or a possibility for the establishment of a heat pump for approx. 1/3 of the applicants for the grant.

For the project managers’ leadership
Very good contact and dialogue with the local stakeholders resulted in a succesful experiences. These succesful experiences are the foundation for getting the best out of the community and starting new projects and initiatives in the future.

Samsø has a high number of oil furnaces per resident / house than the rest of Denmark as a whole, furthermore the scrap rate in this campaign was much faster than in the rest of the country. On Samsø, it went down from 40% to 28%, while in the same period Denmark declined from 20% to 15% (2008-2015). This is equivalent to the fact that on Samsø alone, around approx. 350-400 oil furnace with a renewable energy source.

Contact person and project manager from the Energy Academy:

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