State visit from the Netherlands focusing on green growth

We offer

We have 20 years of experience in completing visits, meetings, courses, conferences and presentations.

At the Energy Academy we  are proud to announce that we have held more circle meetings for government visitors over the years. We always remember one circle meeting, especially since both the Dutch and Danish royal couples visited us and participated in a meeting on the future of sustainable society.

We now also offer three day courses in sustainable management and energy accounting. It is advertised on our website and is settled twice a year in April and September.

We have annual approx. 5000 visitors wishing to come to Samsø Energy Academy on an energy day trip or an energy course.

 Outside Samsø Energy Academy we offer:

  • Implementation of green pop-up embassies
  • Design of listening alerts
  • Preparation of presentations and lectures.


Book a visit​

Every year we receive visits from many groups and delegations from both Denmark and the rest of the world. You can book your visti here.

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Courses and workshops

Samsø Energy Academy has launched a series of courses and workshops based on the many inquiries we receive from our partners, stakeholders and customers.

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