Samsø Energy Academy has launched a series of courses based on the many inquiries we receive from our partners, stakeholders and customers.

The purpose of the Energy Academy is to combine courses based on our experience and your wishes and objectives in the field of sustainable development. Samsø

Energy Academy can also be the starting point for companies wishing to hold seminars and workshops on Samsø.

A program can be compiled according to the companys wishes.

Every 6 months we hold ground breaking leader courses on sustainability with both local, Danish and international attendants.

Conferences / Festivals

For 20 years, we have had the tradition of launching both local and global conferences at the Energy Academy.

Since 2012 we have among many things helped to hold the island’s sustainability festival.

Courses, workshops and conferences are advertised on a regular basis on our website, in our newsletter, the local newspaper Samsø Posten and our social platforms.

Presentations It is possible for companies, public authorities and educational institutions to book the Energy Academy for presentation and lectures. Use of the Energy Academy’s facilities are you interested in working with the Energy Academy and do you have a good idea for an event that could take place in our building? You are very welcome to contact us.

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