Here you will find courses, webinars and e-learning offered by Samsø Energy Academy.

Learning and knowledge arise when one gets to shift one’s perception of reality. Only then is the understanding needed to change action patterns, understanding and behavior created.

This is the starting point for our learning platform at the Energy Institute, which is part of the learning universe at Samsø Energy Academy. We offer courses in both Danish and English, adapted to different levels and interests. So if you need to be updated on your skills then take a look and get inspired on the Energy Institute’s teaching program, with some of the modules and visits that have already been completed. We have extensive experience in developing and conducting courses and teaching workshops. 

Therefore, today we have developed a number of teaching materials based on the experience of local stakeholders on the changes and challenges that have arisen on the way to being able to call themselves Denmark’s renewable energy island, and work towards a fossil-free future. 

The Energy Academy has a database that has mapped everything from how we made district heating to how we shape the future together. Now Samsø is in the process of phasing out fossil fuels and we have an ambition that this will happen in 2030. The Energy Academy has sense and experience in communicating and teaching, in both the hard projects and the soft processes, based on concrete case studies. 


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