SMILE (smart grid)

Smile - Smart grid

Purpose and description:

The SMILE project wants to demonstrate various innovative, technological and non-technological solutions in the shape of large scale grid projects on the Orkney Islands, Samsø and the Madeira Islands. The purpose is to pave the way for their introduction to the market in the near future.

The technological solutions range from integration of battery technology, the use of electricity power for heating and fueling, hydroelectric pumping, electric vehicles, electric loading of ships, a unified demand management (DSM) and algorithms that can predict consumption and needs.

At Samsø, a Smart Grid pilot project is being carried out at Ballen Harbour and Ballen Ferry Port.The collaboration takes place in a consortium consisting of 19 partners from Italy, Scotland, Portugal, Denmark, The Netherlands and Greece.

Danish partners are:

Aalborg University, Samsø Municipality, Samsø Energy Academy, Samsø Elektro, Technological Institute, Lithium Balance A / S.

Birgitte Bak-Jensen, professor at AAU, Dept. of Energy Technology, is the Danish initiator.

Samsø Energy Academy is coordinator for the Samsø partners.


Project manager:

May 2017 – May 2021


The European Commission

Partners: "Smart Grid Plus"
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