Theme: Freedom for development

i forhold til Energiakademiets erfaringer og arbejde befinder pædagogik og bæredygtighed sig i kernen af den omstilling, der har været og er i gang på Samsø. 



Theme: Freedom for development

You are invited to stop by and experience one of the country’s most beautifully situated workplaces. With a panorama of the coast, sea, and the Kattegat so close you’d think it was a lie! 

New year indicates that we have invited project managers, consultants, and the board to write this year through our communication platforms. Everyone helps to tell good stories because everyone does great and decisive work, and has their own workflow at the Energy Academy. Think for a moment that you can live in Manchester and work at Samsø.

Our new board leader, Anne Højer, opens the ball in high spirits and with lots of recognition. Pats on the back and recognition are needed in the middle of all the seriousness and towering electricity prices that feel like there is only one way to go when one crisis is replaced by another.


Blogger: Søren Hermansen

Søren Hermansen is the director of the Samsø Energy Academy and has been a pionéer and driving force behind Samsø’s transformation and success as a renewable energy island.

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Blogger: Ivona Prar

After coming to Denmark I heard about this ambitious carbon-neutral island in Midtjylland, so when it came to doing an internship it was easy to decide where to go.

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