Objective 2: That the decentralized and flexible energy system for renewable energy production are maintained and further developed

This means partly that existing land- and offshore wind turbines will be replaced stepwise with new and more efficient turbines. An overall strategy for this development towards 2030 is scheduled to be in place in 2015.

Existing district heating systems will be upgraded and tuned to more efficient operations where this is appropriate. Photovoltaic systems will be established to enable energy consumers to produce their own energy – either on individual basis or in clustered units where this is appropriate.

It also means that local biological energy resources, such as organic waste, manure and various energy crops will be utilized optimally to produce energy and soil fertilizer. Furthermore it means the replacement of fossil fuels for individual heating. For example, replacing old oil-fired burners with other forms of heating, including heat pumps. Heating using solar power will probably increase in private households.