Objective 3: That fuel for transport on Samso and to/from the island will be based on renewable energy

This means that 50% of the local fleet of cars in 2020 will be electric cars – and that in the same year 40-50% of the local commercial transport i.e. transport carried out by entrepreneurs, the agricultural sector, taxies, etc. have switched to bio-fuels or alike.

Public transport will as early as possible and at the latest by 2020 be completely free of fossil fuels.
In the longer term – by the year 2030 – 80% of the local fleet of cars will consist of electric cars and in 2050 the entire fleet are EVs – apart from nostalgic heritage cars.

80 % of commercial transport of any kind is in 2030 targeted to run on fossil free propellant. Whether this share can be increased towards 2050 or not is to be assessed by 2030. Ferries to the island preferably use gas as propellant in 2020.

In 2030, the ferries will only use gas or electricity – energy that is preferably produced on the island.
By 2020 it will be considered how efforts are handled in relation to other motorized transport (motorboats, aircraft etc.).