TSI – Moving On

TSI – Moving on

Project Start: 1/12-2021
Project End: 1/2 2024

Keywords: Green transition, implementation in practice, action, local climate plans, community, anchoring in the organization, citizen involvement, Regional development, Climate accounting

About the project: 

The project stems from Region Midtjylland’s ambition to be a pioneer in the green transition. The project is built up of two elements that seek to support and upgrade the municipal employees who work with citizen involvement, climate plans and green transformation in the geographical area, which the Central Jutland Region covers.

The first element of the project deals with teaching and guidance of the municipal employees in how to successfully involve their own organization, local stakeholders and citizens, so that the local climate plans are inclusive and anchored in the local context. The second element deals with teaching and guidance of the municipal employees to better understand and use the climate accounts1, which are already used to design and set the direction for local actions within the green transition and climate plans.

The project therefore intends to build the competence of the municipal employees to better anchor the climate effort internally and to achieve a more successful involvement of the citizens in the future climate work of creating climate action. This will be based on the local climate accounts, where additional competence to use and communicate the climate accounts must support the climate actions towards a climate-neutral society.

Overall, the project will support the municipalities in their work with the green transition, including the preparation of climate plans under the auspices of DK2020, which is why the project supports the municipalities in setting sufficient climate ambitions and via a broad inclusion help translate these into concrete local climate actions.

Overall, the TSI – “Moving on” project will provide a competence boost to the municipal employees, and thus contribute to local climate plans being better anchored and more present. The project supports a continued sustained climate effort, while at the same time helping the climate plans to take the next step and be translated into local action.

All teaching is based on Samsø’s successful transformation of the island’s energy system as well as their innovative involvement of stakeholders and citizens in this process.

Teaching in involvement is supervised by: Samsø Energi Akademi

Teaching in Climate Accounting is provided by: PlanEnergi

Alexis Chatzimpiros

Projectleader: Alexis Chatzimpiros

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