Water flows from the periphery to the center

It starts with water and it ends it water: water is one of the resources that is most heavily debated when it comes to climate changes. In some places there is too much water, in other places too little, and it is often in the economical periphery – the developing countries – that the water sets the agenda both when it comes to draught or floods.

Water has from the dawn of mankind been our most important sources for life and important discoveries have been made which emphasizes the relevance of this element in our everyday.

Here are 3 of our favourite inventions that can make you rediscover the force of water – one of them is even able to fit into your pocket:

1. The water stairway – a splashing cleansing of brain and space

What: a water stairway is an ancient cleansing system consisting of connected steps where the water flows in a cycle and has beneficial effects on both the water and the surrrounding environment.

Why: The water is aerified and sucks pollution and dust from the air while the sound relaxes.

Where: in old times these stairways were built outside in peoples gardens to create lush vegetation and cleaner water but is now mostly used inside houses and offices to release stress and create better working environments.

How: a water stairway is usually constructed by a designer or an artist who customizes the stairway according to the budget. The prize depends on materials and size.

Caption: Det økoloigiske inspirationshus (The organic house of inspiration) on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen has for many years had an active water stairway where the water flows from the first floor to the ground floor.


2. Lifestraw – bring a lifesaver with you into the wild

In 1999 Simon Vestergaard was able to develop a small ’straw’ which could filter dirty drinking water and make sure that the bacterium and impurities were eliminated from the liquid. The ‘straw’ works with the pressure that is created when a person starts sucking at the end of the straw. The dirty water shoots up and through the advanced filter system inside the straw where the liquid meets a textile filter with microscopic holes followed by another filter in polyester. The filters remove the biggest effects in the water.

The water then arrives to a chamber with pearls of iodine, where bacterium and viruses are killed. The next chamber is empty. Here, the iodine that was washed from the pearls continues its cleansing effect.

The last chamber consists of active carbon that removes the worst taste and smell of iodine and catches the last parasites. On its way through the Lifestraw the water is cleaned of 99.9% of its impurities and this invention has created a small revolution that gives poor people a chance to drink directly from the water in their environment without having to fear diseases and sickness.

Today the Lifestraw concept has been further developed and counts a broad range of products which are particularly popular with active sports people in the Western world and people working in the wild.

Learn more about Lifestraw here: www.lifestraw.com

Grander Water – boost your water immune system

Yes, you read it right – water has an immune system, a complicated structure of microorganisms and molecules that are often shaken out of balance because of pollution and insufficient water tubes systems. The discovery was made by Austrian Johann Grander for more than 30 years ago who made a life project out of researching in redressing the healthy structure of our water.
After having studied the nature of water in a microscope he found the water’s strongest form and that became the baseline for The Grander Effect, where so called ’revitalized information water’ is lead through a canal lock system in metal in order to affect normal water that is out of balance.

This is possible due to waters transferring properties and the result is a water that is much more resistant to pollution and external, chemical influences. Water that has been stabilized through the Grander Effect is also said to have a healing effect on the ones drinking it.

The canal lock system is very simple and can be installed at home. It will besides boosting your waters own immune system improve its taste and nourishing effect.

Learn more on www.grander.com