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In his work on the consequences of climate change, the Energy Academy has over the years produced a large number of texts, films and audio files. The Academy is a knowledge organization. And has deliberately digitized much of its documentation to be able to save and share it.

We started in 1997 and continue to build this material, which is an important part of our communication, and is a value that we make available to curious people from all over the world. We have added this documentation 3 places:

Energy Institute:

This is a database that goes back to the beginning and contains any document and any publication, audio montage or video clips, news articles, scientific report and other possible files from Samsø’s conversion. Much of the material is below the radar in relation to actuality but is still highly relevant to the whole.

The database is open source and to use it you just have to search for your desired documents or start browsing the different categories that are in the top menu.

Article Archive:

Here you will find articles and campaigns that reflect projects and activities and give an impression of what is currently happening at the Energy Academy, on Samsø and in the world.

Transit Social Innovation Theory:

This online archive gives access to documentation produced between 2014 and 2017 in connection with the EU project TRANSIT.

The TRANSIT project has developed a theory of transformative, social innovation. It is a process of change in social relations that involves challenges, changes and / or substitutions of dominant institutions and structures.

The project is supported by the EU and coordinated by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Energy Academy participated in collaboration with INFORCE.

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Her er en samling af ethvert dokument, publikation, lydmontage eller videoklip, nyhedsartikler, videnskabelig rapport og andre mulige filer fra omstillingen som sker på Samsø.

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