Energiakademiet -og de 17 verdensmål

Samsø er en Ø og et makrokosmos af resten af verden. Forandringer ses hurtigere i mindre enheder. Samsø er den lille enhed, og derfor er Øen altid på mærkerne i forhold til “Hvad skal vi lave af “ eller hvor den næste krise er. Krise på Samsø betyder vendepunkt.

MEET THE Integrators

In a world where things might seem to scatter and society slowly fractures into tribes and echo chambers of opinions, integrators are the ones who build new bridges and drive inclusivity. By mediating conflicts and helping people find common ground, integrators, seek to leverage the positive effects of diversity and bring society together to catalyze. positive change.


Like everyone else working with the consequences of climate change, from individual environmental activist to the 193 nation leaders committing to reaching the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we find ourself in a transition phase. We enter into this transition with a clear understanding of the need for action, yet only vague ideas of exactly what to do.

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