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Community Activism

Tilbage til filmoversigt Tilbage til filmoversigt Emne: ressourcer Projektets kernefortælling er målet Varighed 1:53 min. Sprog Engelsk

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Green Post Korea

Green Post Korea​ Korean TV show visits Samsø and the Energy Academy Varighed 49:01 min.Sprog Koreansk @ VimeoEnergy Academy TV

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Samsborg Varighed 3:32 min.Sprog Engelsk Viking history of Samso as a meeting island. Ballen was founded on the coast to

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Arne Remmen

Arne Remmen Varighed 2:47 min. Sprog Engelsk Arne Remmen, a professor from Aalborg University discusses what it means to be

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Gunnar Bøje Olesen

Gunnar Bøje Olesen Varighed 2:04 min.Sprog English Gunnar Bøje Olesen, the coordinator for Inforse Europe, discusses the networking within the

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Halfdan Muurholm

Halfdan Muurholm Varighed 2:15 min.Sprog English Halfdan Muurholm, a lecturer and journalist for Danmarks Radio, discusses the Lomborg syndrome. Sustainability

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Karen Blincoe

Karen Blincoe Varighed 2:36 min.Sprog English Karen Blincoe, the director of ICIS, describes the need for education to transform. Education

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Tetsunari Iida

Tetsunari Lida Varighed 1:55 min.Sprog Engelsk Tetsunari Iida, director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Japan, reflects on

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From best to next

Best to next Practice Symposium Varighed 5:55 min.Sprog Engelsk Highlights from a conference on the transition to green energy in

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